Patio Covers

Sunroom Retreats ultra-modern designs allow the integration of the cover system into any residential project resulting in a harmony of function and beauty.

The addition of a Sunroom Retreats deck or patio cover system allows use of your outdoor living area when it would normally be too hot to do so.

Leave plants, furniture and barbecues right where you use them, there is no longer any need to take them indoors when not in use.

  • All industrial grade custom aluminum structural components
  • OPTIX high quality acrylic sheets are extremely impact resistant, much more than standard glass, and weather resistant
  • Blocks out most of the Ultra-violet rays and reduces glare from the sun
  • Clear seam design – no seams in the glazing from back to front
  • Transparent glazing to let in light and not darken the inside of your home
  • Structurally strong, built to handle high wind loads